True Luxury – An Underfloor Heating System. There is no doubt about it, underfloor heating offers that little extra bit of luxury, not to mention that it is also the most efficient and economical way of heating your home, or that it in many cases it does away for the need of radiators.

The Romans with their hypocaust systems were amongst the first to use this type of heating, the heat source being hot air provided by a furnace at the side of the house, which as you can imagine took a fair amount of care and attention if a steady temperature was to be guaranteed. Times have thankfully changed now of course, modern underfloor heating installations being ‘powered’ by either warm water or electricity.

Underfloor heating installers in Hereford

A Climate-Friendly Heating Energy Efficient Method

When paired with an Air Source Heat Pump, underfloor heating system significantly helps reduce climate change, the hot water used to heat the floor being provided by the ASHP. This combination uses less fossil fuel (electricity) and thus reduces your energy bills.

In part the savings are made by using the ASHP, but even if you are using the electric version, or the hot water is provided by a gas boiler, underfloor heating systems are more efficient, the main reason for this being that the water in radiators has to be heated to around 75C, whilst underfloor heating systems only need a water temperature of about 35C.

Underfloor heating installers in Hereford

The Advantages Of Underfloor Heating Systems

  • No cold spots in the room - all round warmth. The biggest problem with radiators is that the air cools rapidly as it leaves the surface. Therefore by the time it reaches certain areas of the room, it can be too cold to warm that area. Underfloor heating systems do not suffer this problem, the heat source, whether an electric element or a warm hot water pipe, is evenly covering the entire area of the room. Consistent, pleasant heat is therefore provided just where you need it, giving you total comfort.
  • Lower Running Costs - As the water has to be heated to just 35C, your heating and energy bills are reduced.
  • Very Easy To Use - When combined with the latest types of thermostats and heating controls, altering the temperature of any room is simplicity itself. You can choose systems that allow you to control the heating using your mobile phone and / or one that allows you to pre-programme the temperature for different times of the day, further increasing the benefits of efficiency and your savings.
  • Low Maintenance - If the electrical version is used, then maintenance is normally not required, the heating elements being designed to operate at full capacity for many years. If the hot water version is preferred, then these too have advantages as the lower temperatures needed produce less load on your boiler and will thus extend its working life.
  • More Space in the Room - As mentioned, in most cases, you will not need to use radiators in any room, this increases your space and allows for total freedom when it comes to positioning furniture like sofas (as these block the air flow when radiators are used).
  • Air Quality Improved – Great for Allergen Sufferers - Unlike radiators, underfloor heating systems provide ‘radiant’ heat, which reduces the level of air movement in any room. This in turn reduces the amount of pollen or dust in the air, something that can make all the difference to those who suffer allergies.

Electric underfloor heating systems are much easier to install than their hot water (hydronic) cousins, these being better suited to new build installation or a renovation where the floor is being totally re-laid. This means that of the two, it is far easier to retrofit electric floor heating than a hydronic system. However, whichever system you require, Sparta Mech can design and install the perfect system, one that will meet all of your requirements whilst also reducing your energy costs.

Underfloor heating installers in Hereford

Underfloor Heating System Design

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as we can then provide advice, answer any of your questions and of course provide a quote for the installation and ongoing maintenance. Sparta Mech also installs:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Thermostat and heating control upgrades
  • Bathrooms
  • Ventilation systems (domestic and commercial).

As well as a complete range of maintenance and repair services, covering not only Hereford and Herefordshire but also the surrounding counties, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.