Why Choose Sparta Mech to install your commercial air conditioning system? Heating and Ventilation Engineers. Sparta Mech specialises in fitting commercial air conditioning systems in the West Midlands, whilst also covering the entire UK. We will design and fit the optimum HVAC system, one that will meet your requirements of cost, time and level of disruption, the latter being especially important in a business setting.


Commercial / HVAC / VRC Air Conditioning

Why Should You Fit Air Conditioning?

Fitting air conditioning in your business premises has many benefits, some of them not at first apparent. For example, there is little doubt that your staff will be more productive when working in a comfortable environment. Similarly, teachers and pupils alike will find it easier to concentrate when not worrying about the air being too humid, hot or cold. Likewise, in a retail setting, customers are far more likely to linger (and thus purchase more) when they are not too warm (cool air being so very refreshing) and are not worried that the ventilation is insufficient. If your premises hold staff or receive visitors, clients or customers, be it a manufacturing or healthcare setting, there will be benefits to installing the right sort of heating, cooling and ventilation system. Besides the ability to control the heating and cooling levels, a correctly specified and installed air-con system will also enhance the air quality and airflow throughout your business. 

A High efficiency, split air conditioner will reduce your costs

Costs could also be dramatically reduced if a split system is fitted, especially if heat pumps are incorporated into the system. This improved energy efficiency not only saves money, it lowers the environmental impact of your business, something that will also benefit your brand, as being seen as green can only boost the standing of your organisation. So, whether you are looking to install a brand new air con system or want to upgrade your old existing system, Sparta Mech are here to help.

Commercial / HVAC / VRC Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Systems For Computer Rooms (CRAC)

Servers create a lot of heat, especially when under severe loads, such as during peak online shopping hours. This heat needs to be removed from the room, as otherwise the CPU’s will overheat and their performance will drop. Too much heat and they will fail altogether, something that could have a dramatic impact on your business. A properly specified system will ensure that your computer infrastructure will continuously be operating at its optimum level.

Which type of commercial air conditioning system is best suited to your business?

Different air con systems suit different building types and operating requirements. For instance, a business working from a listed building will need an aircon system that requires the minimum level of changes to the building infrastructure. On the other hand, a retail space situated in a large high roofed building will need another. Whatever your requirements, our experienced engineers and technicians will be able to specify, design and install a system that fits your needs, timescales and budget.

The types of Air Conditioning systems that could be employed:

  • Ductless, wall, floor or ceiling (cassette) units. Both wall and floor units are long and thin, much like central heating radiators, whilst the latter is installed within a suspended ceiling whenever possible. All of these units are ‘self-contained’, all of the filtering, heating and cooling actions being provided by that stand-alone unit. All the is needed is access to power and an external wall.
  • Ducted systems have the advantage of not needing any equipment in the room (just a grill), but this requires extensive work on the property and is therefore not always the best solution.
  • Split Systems offer another solution to the problem. Equipment is still needed in every room that needs to be heated or cooled, but the units are a lot smaller. This is because all of the ‘hard’ work, the actual heating and cooling functions, are carried out by a unit placed outside the building, which is connected to the units in the room by small pipes.This has the advantage of being much quieter (whisper quiet fans being used to circulate the air in the room) whilst also allowing individual areas of your business to be kept at different temperatures/climates, fully programmable systems being available. Another advantage is that like ducted systems, the hard work is carried out by one device, this being far more efficient than using several individual aircon units. As this is outside of the building, it does not need so quiet either and are therefore cheaper to manufacture.

So, whether you want to increase productivity, staff and customer happiness and well-being, save money, or all or a mix of these, Sparta Mech can provide you with the perfect tailored solution.

Commercial / HVAC / VRC Air Conditioning

The Installation Process

The first stage is our free survey. Here we will discuss your needs and check out your premises. Armed with all the facts, we will recommend the best solution (or solutions if there are many ways of meeting your requirements). Then, once you have given the go-ahead, we will install the most up to date and energy-efficient technology available. Once completed, we will hand over the system to you, providing full instructions and answering all of your questions

Air Conditioner maintenance services - AC repair / HVAC repair

A range of aftercare and servicing plans are available to ensure that your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency. This includes the replacement of refrigerant, any works on the compressor, air handler, evaporator, furnace, heat-pump or condenser. We know we have a plan for you and will be pleased to discuss this area with you. Sparta Mech – We have the perfect cooling system for your commercial premises.