Are You Getting The Best Out of Your Central Heating System? Central heating systems are marvellous when they are working properly, but when your boiler starts banging or the radiators just don’t get hot enough, things are not so rosy. Worse still, you may have some leaks, and we all know how much damage water can do if the problem is not repaired. Sparta Mech can fix all of these issues, ensuring that your heating system works as good as new and that any leaks are eliminated.


Central Heating Flushing / Service

Gas Boiler Repair & Replacement

The heart of any heating system is the boiler, there being many different makes models and types, each one having its own pros and cons. One thing that they all have in common is that they need servicing and do eventually wear out, or at least become so inefficient that they need to be replaced.

You Can Save Money and The Planet Too

No one wants to spend more than they have to on their energy bills, and of course, if you reduce the amount of gas you are burning, then your carbon footprint will be that bit smaller. This is perhaps the main benefit of installing a new gas boiler.

New Boilers Installed When Needed

If the boiler needs repairs, we can sort that out, and in the event that it needs replacement, we will show you a range of boilers and advise on the best. It is important to know that the type of boiler has to be carefully chosen to match the overall system. For example, combi boilers whilst being the most popular, can not always be fitted without extensive changes to the existing plumbing and heating systems.

In most cases, the problem does not lie with the boiler, but the fact that over time, the whole system has become clogged up with rust, debris and sludge. Systems that were not fitted with a magnetic filter at the time of installation tend to have the most problems, but over time every system will need to be thoroughly cleaned.

Central Heating Flushing / Service

What Are The Signs That Your System Needs Cleaning?

There are lots of symptoms to look out for, some of them are boiler related, but most show that the system needs a good clean out:

  • The radiators are cold, but the pipes are hot
  • Not all the radiators get hot
  • When bleeding the radiators the water is very discoloured
  • The system takes a long time to reach optimum heating levels
  • The boiler keeps stopping or repeatedly needs repairs
  • Leaky radiators
  • The whole system knocks and bangs
  • You need to constantly bleed the radiators
  • There are cold spots at the bottom of the radiators

The Benefits of Getting A Powerflush

Besides fixing the issues listed above, there are many benefits of having a Powerflush, including:

  • Reduced Energy Bills (the energy efficiency is improved)
  • The whole system becomes more reliable (boiler breakdowns reduced)
  • The boiler’s lifespan is increased
  • Your radiators all warm-up and they do this faster too
  • Any noise from the system, all those clunks and bangs, are reduced.
Central Heating Flushing / Service

How Powerflush Works

Providing the very best customer service is one of Sparta Mech’s main aims. And with this in mind, wherever possible much of the work is carried out outside your home. The first thing our engineer will do is to attach a powerful magnet filter to the pipework of your heating system. We usually do this by removing the circulatory pump or one radiator. The power flushing process is then started, all the rust and debris coming out from the central heating system & radiators being captured by the magnet. The filtered system water is then passed through the Powerflush machine, cleaning chemicals (which help to loosen any rust) being added before the water is passed back into the system.

As the water passes through the boiler, it is heated, the higher temperature increasing its cleaning and flushing abilities. The other reason that heating the water is so important is that this allows us to check for any cold spots, as these are good indicators of where there is excessive rust build-up. With the cold spots identified, we set to work vibrating the area (which loosens any sludge or rust debris) until a uniform surface temperature is recorded all over the surface of the radiator. Once all radiators, hot water coils and any feed tanks have been dealt with, we then use clean water to purge each radiator, one by one, vibrating each one to ensure as much debris as possible is removed.

We also ensure that the water in the system meets requirements, TDS (cleanliness), and pH readings being taken from each radiator’s water until acceptable readings are reached. We then add a small amount of alkali neutraliser, and a DWTA approved Rust Inhibitor to ensure that the system stays as clean as possible.  The central heating system is then reinstated and balanced so that the entire system works at optimum performance. Finally, we issue you with your Power Flush certificate, which can be useful if you have any warranty issues in the future.

Central Heating Flushing / Service

Always a Good Idea When Having A New Boiler Installed

It’s always a good idea to have the pipes and radiators of your system cleaned when you are having a new boiler fitted. Indeed, current building regulations recommend that a suitable cleanse is carried out prior to any installation. In some instances, a simple system flush with clean water is enough, but where the system is over 10 years old, the powerful Powerflush is the best choice as this can deal with all contaminated systems. Following this recommendation helps prevent your new system from being contaminated and inhibited by the sludge and debris present in your old one.

Sparta Mech’s Power Flush Service

It is essential that properly trained heating engineers carry out the Powerflush, it is a highly technical process that requires the utmost care and attention. It is possible to have a system cleaned by an operative that is not registered as ‘Gas Safe’, but as they cannot also carry out the gas safety checks and are unlikely to be able to spot any problems with the boiler, it is best to seek out a professional. We say this as a mistake could actually make your system perform worse than before, and the chemicals involved need careful handling.