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Want to be comfortable whatever the weather or time of year? We have been improving the ‘livability’ of our customer’s homes for years and know just how to help you.

Domestic and residential Air Conditioning

Domestic & Residential Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning installations provide cost-effective solutions to otherwise uncomfortable living and working environments.

Achieving the optimum comfort level

There are various types of air conditioning equipment available for your home; wall-mounted, both high and low, as well as ducted systems – these otherwise known as central air conditioning systems.

Specialist Air Conditioning Engineers

Our expert team will discuss your requirements and then design the perfect system for your home or office. We will help you through every step of the process, always being on hand to answer your questions.

Domestic and residential Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners for Homes

It is not unknown for the British Summer to be quite hot these days, which explains why fixed air conditioners (as opposed to the portable units available) have become quite common in many homes in the UK. These units will keep you comfortable all through the day and can significantly improve your ability to sleep at night. And don’t be afraid about the running costs being too high either. The air conditioning units we install are extremely energy efficient, whilst also being very quiet.

High energy efficiency rating

Everyone wants to do their bit for climate change these days, so we are delighted to be able to confirm that the energy efficiency ratings of the units we install are exceptional. This not only keeps your energy bills low, it also means you will be helping the environment.

Air-Con can reduce your heating bills too

Our domestic air conditioners are rated “A++”, which means that when you use your air conditioners as your primary source of heating, you could reduce your heating bills quite substantially, when compared with conventional radiators.

Domestic and residential Air Conditioning

Different types of Air Conditioners

Wall mounted air conditioners are the easiest and cheapest to fit, so it is not surprising that they are the most commonly found in the residential / domestic environment. Not only are they relatively cheap to install (when compared to central systems), they can also be easily fitted to any room in your home. No building works will be required (or redecoration for that matter).

High or Low Mounting

In most cases, these units are fitted high on the wall, and being long, thin and exceptionally quiet, you will hardly notice they are there – other than the fact that you will be far more comfortable. In most cases a single unit will be able to cool (and heat) most rooms; however, in some instances, larger rooms will need another unit. If you prefer to have just one, there are higher power units available. These are more expensive though, as only premium units can provide the higher cooling levels needed whilst also keeping the noise levels down.

Low wall-mounted air conditioners are best suited for use in conservatories and loft conversions. However, they are suitable for any room in the home. They are very similar to wall mounted units, but they can be more expensive, and obstacles such as furniture in the room can disrupt the airflow and make it more challenging to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, even with these disadvantages, our customers sometimes prefer them because, just like radiators, they can be placed in a manner that makes them relatively inconspicuous.

Central / Ducted units for homes

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are more expensive, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing solution. However, these systems do not allow you to have different temperatures in every room unless you have a multiple ducted ‘split-system’. The cooling / heated air is moved around your house in hidden ductwork, the cooling unit(s) being hidden within a false ceiling or loft space. All that you can see is a small neat grille in the room or ceiling. Please note that these systems are best fitted as part of a building project, as besides the ducting, a ceiling void is needed to house the air conditioning unit.

Domestic and residential Air Conditioning

An Air Conditioning system for every home

When choosing the right air conditioner for your home, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

These include the number of rooms, their dimensions, layout as well the aesthetics of the installation. All are vitally important, and each affects the cost. We will be pleased to discuss all your options.

The manufacturers we use have worked hard to create a wide array of models and systems, and we know we can design and install an ac-system that will meet your every need.

We will provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job is. All of these surveys are carried out by one of our experienced air conditioning technicians, who will then create the perfect system for you and your home.

Domestic and residential Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning repair services

If you already have air-con, but it is not working to full efficiency, then we provide an air conditioning service, to ensure the heating and cooling system is operating as needed. Our courteous engineers will ‘tune-up’ your Ac system, checking the correct operation of thermostats and furnace, as well as changing / cleaning any filters, ducts and replenishing the refrigerant, only ever using quality replacement products.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

As with any form of mechanical device, preventative maintenance and regular servicing is the key. Please do talk to us about our HVAC maintenance packages. Whether you have or require a whole-house ductless heating and air conditioning installation, or maybe something to improve the ventilation and thus the indoor air quality of your home or office, we can help.