Worried that your Air Conditioning might let you down? Proper maintenance and servicing will drastically reduce the risks. Like anything electrical or mechanical, air conditioning equipment needs care and attention if it is to operate efficiently and maintain a comfortable climate in your home or business. There are filters and ducts to clean or replace, refrigerants to replenish and systems to tune.

However, even with a proper maintenance schedule, problems and faults can still happen, and when they do, you need someone there fast, so that the system can be back in full operation in the shortest possible time.

Air conditioning services in Hereford

Sparta Mech Air Conditioning repair service

This is where we can help you, our technicians can be with you within hours and in most instances can fix any problems then and there, all of our vans having a range of spares onboard.
If we can’t fix it straight away, we have access to several suppliers, so we know we can get any required parts within hours.

Air Con leak repair

One of the most common faults we fix is leaks. These can occur for any number of reasons. Some are simple to fix, others a little more complex. But, whatever the issue, we know how to stop any leaks and get your air-con working again.

Just some of the problems we find and fix

Our heating and air conditioning engineers are specialists, adept at finding faults in all types of air conditioning installations. This means that any problems are quickly identified and fixed in the shortest and most cost effective manner possible.

Over the years we have:

  • Found the source of leaks and dripping water, often because the condensate pump has failed
  • Located refrigerant gas leaks, this more than likely causing the system to be inoperative
  • Reduced the noise output by fixing a fan motor
  • Improved the indoor air quality by removing bacteria using specialist chemicals
  • Fixed a faulty programmable thermostat
  • Replaced or repaired a broken furnace unit

Whatever issue you are having with your air conditioning and heating system, our dependable professional staff are there to help.

Air conditioning services in Hereford

Planned Preventive Maintenance

The problem with fixing faults when they happen is that they normally occur just when you least want them, like on a really hot or cold day. Just when you need your HVAC system to be working its hardest, it doesn’t work at all. For domestic householders this can be a pain, but for businesses, with the additional issues of staff and customer comfort to consider, a failure can cause real issues. Far better to ensure your air conditioning units are in tip top condition rather than wait for them to break down under the strain of a hot day. That is one sure way of losing your cool…

Sparta Mech an AC maintenance company you can trust

Our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance and servicing programme ensure that if and when you suffer an air conditioning breakdown, your equipment will be up and running as soon as possible. Facts show that regular air conditioning maintenance results in fewer breakdowns. And, when there is a potential fault brewing, this will be picked up and fixed before it causes any problems, thus avoiding any downtime.

Air conditioning services in Hereford

All types of Air Con Maintained

AC Systems come in a variety of shapes sizes and types, each one being suited for different circumstances and requirements. For instance, many luxury new build homes will have a central ducted air con system installed. Others have air con retrofitted at a later date, these normally using wall mounted units. Some people like the central systems as the only thing you see is a grill on the wall or ceiling – as opposed to having a radiator like device in the room. However, unless you have a split air conditioning system, central systems won’t allow you to have different temperatures in different areas of the accommodation. Such Split installations are a type of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) system and their extra complexity makes keeping to a proper maintenance schedule even more vital.

Split Air Conditioner service

We have been maintaining air con systems for years and know just what to look out for in every instance. Split air con systems are especially tricky (there being so many different components), but rest assured, no matter how complex your heating and cooling systems are, you will be in the very best of hands when you employ Sparta Mech.

Powered by heat pumps

In the UK, most split and multi-split air conditioning systems are powered by heat pumps, allowing them to heat and cool your home or commercial premises in a very energy-efficient manner. This is another area that Sparta Mech excels in, our knowledge and experience of heat pumps enabling us to install and maintain these systems with ease.

Air conditioning services in Hereford

Air Conditioning Service For Businesses & Commercial Properties

HVAC systems for business premises come with their own set of issues, several legal obligations must be adhered to. For example, ensuring any ac systems are F-Gas compliant is a must if the CO2 discharge is greater than 5 tonnes. As there are significant penalties for non-compliance, your heating and cooling system must be regularly serviced and maintained by a professional air conditioning maintenance engineer.

F-Gas system checks

Current regulations (these are liable to alter as climate change becomes ever more critical – another reason for employing someone with their fingers on the pulse) require that your system is checked as follows:

  • 5-50 tonnes and above – at least every 12 months
  • 50-500 tonnes and above – at least every 6 months
  • 500 tonnes and above – at least every 3 months

Besides the checks, a detailed log of the maintenance schedule has to be kept, this being another service that we provide, all to ensure you have maximum peace of mind in this complex area.

TM44 compliance & assessments

If the air conditioning system fitted to your building is rated above an output of 12kW, then energy efficiency checks must be carried out. Every commercial property must have this assessment run at least every five years, the checks having to be done by a professional assessor and registered on the NDEPC register. Such assessments are covered by our ac repair and maintenance programmes, so you can rest easy in that your legal obligations will be dealt with, there are no nasty surprises when you employ us.

R22 replacement service

This can be a real problem if your AC system is more than 15 years old, as unless it has been upgraded, it is more than likely going to be using the now illegal refrigerant R-22 HCFC. This gas was commonly used up until 2003, but its use has been banned as it has harmful effects on the Ozone layer. It is, therefore, now illegal even to top up with this gas. As a result, the service, maintenance and recycling of R-22 HCFC in any refrigeration and air conditioning system is prohibited. It will be necessary to replace the whole system in the long run, but in the short term, our technicians can modify your existing ac system to use the new range of eco-friendly gases.

Experienced Air Conditioning project managers

All of our air conditioning maintenance projects are overseen by a project manager with decades of experience and relevant skills and qualifications. This ensures that your air conditioning units are running at optimum efficiency at all times.