Would You Like £5,000 Off The Cost of Replacing The Boiler In Your Home? If so, you may well be in luck. As a part of its drive to lower the use of fossil fuels, and help reverse, or at least slowdown climate change, the Government is offering a grant of £5,000. There are a number of conditions, the main one being that you have to replace your boiler with either an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump or a biomass boiler.

Air Source Heat Pumps - Renewable Energy Solution

Air Source Heat Pumps - Renewable Energy Solution

Sparta Mech recommends air source heat pumps, as they are cheaper to install than their ground source cousins and are more planet-friendly than biomass boilers, which cause their own set of climate problems creating less of a reduction in carbon footprint.

How the Boiler Upgrade System (BUS) Works

These grants are designed to assist property owners to overcome the higher upfront cost of using low carbon heating technologies like air source heat pumps (ASHP) and is available to domestic and small non-domestic properties in England and Wales until 2025.

Boiler installation

Scheme Restrictions

  • You have to be a homeowner in England or Wales
  • The property has to be owned by the person seeking the grant (this includes private landlords, second homes also being eligible)
  • The property must be a home or a small business
  • The total power of the boiler must not exceed 45 kWh (which covers the huge majority of homes)
  • The property must have an EPC (energy performance certificate) which does not state that loft or cavity wall insulation is required
  • That no grant for a heat pump or biomass boiler has already been given
  • If the property is a self build, then this must have been built mostly using the labour or resources of the owner and has not been owned by a business or organisation
  • Hybrid heat pumps (ones that use for example a gas boiler and an air source heat pump) are excluded
  • The installation must have been finished on or after 1st April 2022 and be capable of providing all the heating and hot water requirements of the property
  • It also must be a replacement for an existing fossil fuel heating system, gas, oil or electric and meet certain technical standards.
MCS Certified Installer

MCS Certified Installer

You are also required to use an MCS certified installer such as Sparta Mech to ensure that installation is assured to meet the mandatory installation requirements.

As you can see, the grant process is all a bit complicated, but don’t worry the team at Sparta Mech are well practised at navigating through the paperwork and can very quickly tell you if you are able to claim the £5,000 grant.