A boiler is an important part of a home’s central heating system and an appliance we rely on every day. This is why it becomes frustrating when they go wrong. If your boiler is suffering from faults and multiple breakdowns, it may be time to replace your system. SpartaMech are Gas Safe Registered and qualified engineers who can safely offer boiler installation in Herefordshire properties.

SpartaMech Boiler Installation in Herefordshire

SpartaMech Boiler Installation in Herefordshire

When’s The Right Time for a New Boiler Installation?

If the boiler in your home has not been updated within the last 10-15 years, then it may now be time for an upgrade. You may be noticing leaking water, strange smells or strange noises coming from your system which should not be happening.  Another indication your boiler needs replacing is frequent breakdowns.

Benefits of a New Boiler

New boilers are much more energy efficient than older systems. They are expected to have an energy rating of A, which is the highest possible rating and means they are incredibly efficient. A boiler installation in your Herefordshire home will save you money on your energy bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint. You should also notice a lot less breakdowns and faults with your systems saving you time and money on maintenance and repairs. 

Types of Boilers

When it’s time for a new boiler, you should do your research to ensure you choose the best appliance for your home. Think of the space in your home, your current water pressure and how you mostly use your water. These are all contributing factors to what boiler best suits your needs. 

There are 4 types of boilers on offer for your Herefordshire home. Older homes tend to have conventional boilers. There are heat-only boilers and take up a lot of space but are a good choice for larger homes. 

The most common type of boiler is the condensing boiler. They provide hot water by passing gasses through chambers.

A combi boiler is also a popular boiler option as it’s connected to our radiators as well as providing hot water. Combi boilers are capable of heating up water and can also distribute throughout your system. This allows you to heat up water as and when you need it. 

Lastly there are system boilers. A system boiler takes up less space than a conventional boiler but only have a hot water tank. Cold water will be directly fed from your mains. 

If you are unsure what boiler suits your home, then SpartaMech can offer help and advice to make the choice a little easier. 

Who Can Carry Out Boiler Installations?

To install a new boiler in your home, an engineer will firstly remove the old boiler, flush out the system and then install the new boiler with any new pipework or equipment. Once the installation is complete, an engineer will test the system to ensure it is working correctly and then will show you how to operate the boiler yourself.

A simple boiler replacement can be done within 1-3 days, however more complex installations (moving the boiler to a new room) will take longer. An engineer will be able to advise how long installations will take when you book your installation. 
All boiler installations must be carried out by a fully trained engineer who is Gas Safe Registered. 

Your local, Boiler Installation Engineer in Herefordshire

SpartaMech are Herefordshire’s local and trusted boiler installation engineers. We are Gas Safe Registered, offering you peace of mind that your boiler will be installed safely and securely. Contact our friendly team today to get more advice on boiler installations in Herefordshire or to book in your boiler installation with a professional.