Are your bathroom or kitchen tiles making you sad? We see them every day, the tiles and panelling in our kitchens and bathrooms, and there is no doubt that they can get you down. What you need is to have them replaced with something that is not only easier on the eye but easier to clean too.

Bathroom tiling & panelling specialists

A Colourful Selection of Tiles & Bathroom Paneling

When you call in Sparta Mech to help, we will start by checking out the existing wall and its covering, it being essential to know the status of the wall itself, as sometimes, panels will be a better solution than tiles. We will then discuss your requirements to get an idea of the colours and styles you would like to see in your refreshed bathroom, wet room or kitchen. And where you want more, like a brand new bath or shower, we can talk about that too as we offer a complete bathroom installation service.

Wall Panels or Tiles?

Many people prefer wall panels to tiles for the simple reason they are easier to keep clean. On the other hand, others like the effect that tiles give. It really is a matter of choice, and we can fit either for you. However, when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom, it is worth considering panelling as it is so much easier to keep clean.  With more and more customers choosing panels, the world of interior design has reacted by providing an increased number of types, finishes and styles. Shower panels, also known as shower wall panels, wet wall panelling, wall boarding and shower boards, come in a range of stunning patterns and styles.

Easier to clean

One of the reasons for the move towards panels is that they are very user friendly, being much easier to keep clean – no more hours of cleaning mouldy stains in the grout.

Bathroom tiling & panelling specialists

A Stunning Easy To Fit Alternative To Tiling

The statistics show that bathroom wall panels are increasingly becoming the wall covering of choice in people’s bathrooms, as they are both easy to maintain and easy to fit. Not only are they grout free, but as they essentially cover the wall, they do not require extensive work to prepare the surface of the wall that is often needed when fitting tiles.

Panels can be used for floors & ceilings too

These waterproof panels can be used on ceilings and floors too, making them ideal for use in wet rooms. There is a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from, so you can be sure that there will be one that will perfectly match your desires. Installation costs are also reduced in many instances, it being possible to place these panels over existing tiles, concrete, plasterboard, chipboard or even plywood, without having to carry out extensive and expensive preparatory works. There are so many ways of improving your bathroom and we can help you with all of them.

Bathroom tiling & panelling specialists

The Appeal of Tiles

However, there is no doubt that tiles, when properly chosen and installed, do give a bathroom that classy, luxury look. This makes them the first choice for many who want to make their bathroom ‘that special place to relax in’.

Wide range of tiles for you to select from

At Sparta Mech we have strived to ensure that you have a wide array of tiling options to select from, representing every type, style, colour and price point.

What types of tiles are there?

This list is a long one, and not all types can be used in all applications. For instance, tiles that are going to be used on a bathroom floor have to be of a different construction than those used as a backsplash or a wall tile, as they have to cope with a heavier load and more wear and tear.  

Here are just some of the types:

  • Porcelain & Ceramic
  • Marble & Mosaic
  • Stone & Pebble effect
  • Granite & Textured
  • Limestone & Border Tiles

Different styles of tiling layout

Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as does the manner in which they are placed. Some prefer the look a mosaic gives, others like to create a geometric effect where different-sized tiles are placed around the wall or floor. The possibilities are indeed endless.

Bathroom tiling & panelling specialists

Let Us Transform Your Bathroom or Kitchen

After discussing your needs, our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you choose the ideal tiles for your bathroom or kitchen, booking an installation date that fits in with your plans. Once your date is booked, you can relax, knowing that Sparta Mech has years of experience in transforming bathrooms and kitchens, making them a better place to unwind or work in, whilst also being more pleasing to the eye.

Reliable Experienced Tile Fitters

Our bathroom tiling package offers a second to none service, with a vast range of carefully picked tiles at competitive prices, all fitted by craftsmen to exacting standards.

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