Want total control of the climate in your home and save money too? There are many different types of air conditioning systems, each one being best suited for specific applications. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and in some cases, because of restrictions, your choice will be limited. We aim to give you the best solution for your requirements, whether it be a wall mounted unit or wall mounted system.

There are two things that concern most clients, the noise levels and the ability to have different temperature settings in each area of their home, we can ensure all requirements are met.

Split Service Air Conditioning installations

Cost Efficient Whole-House Central Air-Con Installations

Central air conditioning systems deal with the problem of noise by placing the main cooling unit in a ceiling void or in the attic (basically anywhere it can be concealed), ducts passing the cooled air around the property. This also has the advantage of only having a grill in each room, no other equipment is needed.

Individual Air Conditioning Units

One alternative is to have cooling units in each room. This is OK as long as there is easy access to an outside wall and that having an ac unit, either mounted on the wall or floor is acceptable. This system allows you to set the climate in each room, but has higher running costs than a central unit. However, even the quietest of these systems (these having whisper quiet variable-speed fans) can be intrusive, as each has to have a compressor, these naturally producing a certain number of decibels. This is why split systems, particularly multi split systems can be more popular, our free consultation meeting will ensure the right unit for your needs.

Split Service Air Conditioning installations

The Advantages Of Multi Split Air Conditioning Systems

One of the biggest advantages is that the noise levels inside the building, regardless of whether it is domestic or commercial, are much reduced, the main ‘noisy’ components, such as the air handler, being mounted outside the premises. Multi Split systems can also be set up so that the climate in each room or floor can be individually controlled (this depending on the number of units installed in the property). Besides the noise reduction, this type of aircon installation also has another advantage. The units in each room being considerably smaller than the conventional wall or floor mounted types (ceiling cassettes can also be used), as the external unit is doing the majority of the cooling and heating work. Rooms with only interior walls can be cooled as well, our technicians selecting the best way of connecting the internal unit with the main external installation.

Saving money and the environment at the same time

There is another important factor to be taken into consideration. As the temperature / climate for each floor / room can be easily controlled or even switched off entirely, the running costs for the ac system can be considerably reduced. Further savings can be enjoyed if a heat-pump is incorporated in the design. Plus, having one central unit is more energy-efficient than using many smaller ones, this being another reason why central air conditioning systems – whether split or not – are cheaper to run.

Split Service Air Conditioning installations

Split & Multi Split System Air Conditioner Installation Costs

Every air con installation is different, so any costs have to be a guide – we can provide you with a FREE firm quote  – the following are the items we require to ensure we give the best solution and cost.

  • The size of the house
  • The size of the individual rooms
  • The type of air conditioning system
  • How environmentally efficient you want the system to be
  • The quality (energy efficiency rating) of the air con components
  • Features, like remote control, Internet / App access, sleep mode, advanced timer control

The benefits of split Air Conditioners explored in more detail

  • Easier to Install - As the main bulky cooling components are installed outside the premises, installation is often easier, and this also reduces costs.
  • Reduced Noise Levels - The noisiest parts of any air conditioning system are the fan and condenser. As these are placed outside the property, the only noise produced in the rooms is caused by the fans, hardly noticeable in modern premium units.
  • Different Temperature Zones - Offering the very best home comfort levels, split air con systems provide the ability to set the cooling or heating levels of each area in your home or commercial property.
  • Reduced Energy Bills - Because you are only heating / cooling the rooms / areas you want, the operating overall energy costs are much reduced. Overall, Split Systems are the most energy efficient air conditioning system available today. This means that even though they may be more expensive than others to fit, in the long run, such systems work out to be more economical.