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SpartaMech - Air Conditioning engineer in Herefordshire

SpartaMech - Air Conditioning engineer in Herefordshire

Although it’s probably pretty chilly as you’re reading this, in a few months’ time summer will be right round the corner! Our summers are becoming hotter and more humid every year. Coping with this uncomfortable hot weather at work is especially hard if you have no air conditioning – a hot workplace slows productivity enormously, something no boss needs! SpartaMech understands this struggle. We’ve installed a wide range of air conditioning units specifically designed for workplaces of all types and sizes. 

Do I need air conditioning in the UK?

Scientists established last summer was the second hottest summer on record across the UK. Temperatures across the UK reached well into the 30’s several times in 2023 and a similar, if not hotter, summer is predicted for 2024. With this in mind, air conditioning is just as important for our physical and mental well-being as heating is during the Winter months. 

Is air conditioning expensive to run?

Air conditioning, although energy efficient, can be expensive to run in some cases. Opting for a split or multi split air conditioning unit is the best option in terms of running costs. A multi split air conditioning unit means you can cool only necessary rooms rather than the whole complex itself. 

Is air conditioning bad for the environment?

it’s no secret air conditioning uses a fair amount of electricity however by utilising renewable energy sources like solar panels you can benefit from air conditioning without harming the planet. Most air conditioning units fit for commercial use are also rated highly in terms of energy efficiency. So although electricity is required, the system will probably use less than you expect thanks to its highly efficient cooling methods.

Commercial air conditioning installations

An air conditioning unit can benefit a wide range of business and commercial properties. Schools and workplaces can benefit from improved focus and productivity while retail spaces may increase footfall and see customers spending longer in store. 

Installing an air conditioning unit with SpartaMech Mechanical Services in Herefordshire is simple and stress free. Our installation process starts with a free initial survey – this is where our engineers will inspect your property and discuss your needs and address any concerns. Our expert engineers aim to provide you with high quality heating and cooling solutions which are highly effective, efficient, and durable. From the initial survey right through to work completion you’ll be in our safe and knowledgeable hands. Here at SpartaMech Mechanical Services we have just been awarded with the Midea Cooling & Heating award 2023 – put simply our engineers are award winning! So, are you ready to take on summer? Conquer the heat and make your workplace a more comfortable, productive space all year round. Contact our heating & cooling engineers today.